About Us

We are Human Centred Design consultants in the financial services sector and in particular micro finance, payments, savings and the underbanked and financially excluded, working out of the United Kingdom but with a global client base. We focus on the use of technology and innovative payments infrastructure to acquire and retain new markets in developing countries. We draw on our practical experience as managers and consultants and an ongoing belief in the power and potential of both microfinance and telecommunications as well as an understanding of the market needs, to assist and work with banking and non-banking institutions to:

  • develop workable strategies for growth, outreach and profitability
  • design products and services
  • create capacity within our clients and partners
  • Conduct due diligence analysis
  • Perform desk and primary on site research
  • develop sound implementation and change management programmes
  • source and manage quality additional specialist skills and tools such as project management, data analytics, human resource management and risk management

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We believe in the human-centred approach to innovation which integrates the needs of people, the possibilities of technology and the requirements for business success.